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Fearlessly Authentic is a book that challenges the daring spirit in every woman, a book that calls out to women to shine in their place of calling; a book that serves as a guide as to how [that] can be achieved, and a book for change, not a charge
to fit in, but a change to become the best version of yourself- a change to a fearlessly authentic you.

This book was written with lessons learnt in over two decades of working across male dominated sectors and excelling in these sectors as a fearlessly authentic woman. It is a book packed with truths that serve as a roadmap for establishing a prosperous and purposeful career in the public, private, and development sectors.

Fearlessly Authentic

We Interrupt this Program

Ladies. I’m back! I missed you. Where did I go? Why did I go? Life happened, to answer both questions. And then I battled with myself about how to come back and type to you about being fearlessly authentic, when I seemed to lose so much of myself.

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