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Fearlessly Authentic is a book that challenges the daring spirit in every woman, a book that calls out to women to shine in their place of calling; a book that serves as a guide as to how [that] can be achieved, and a book for change, not a charge
to fit in, but a change to become the best version of yourself- a change to a fearlessly authentic you.

This book was written with lessons learnt in over two decades of working across male dominated sectors and excelling in these sectors as a fearlessly authentic woman. It is a book packed with truths that serve as a roadmap for establishing a prosperous and purposeful career in the public, private, and development sectors.

Fearlessly Authentic


Welcome to this month’s edition of “Fearlessly Authentic”. As the year winds down and we start to look to 2020, let’s keep hoping and believing for the best of 2019. It’s not over till you win. If you have been reading the newsletters, you will see that 2019 has been all about strategies to becoming a better you.

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