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Welcome to this month’s edition of “Fearlessly Authentic.” Hope the newsletter has helped you in reshaping your ideals and aspiring for the impossible. Life is to be experienced and cherished each day, as we continue on the journey of self-discovery and becoming the authentic you.

This month, we are looking at being BOLD. This is a word many of us are afraid of, a word many misinterpret and a word which has been given several negative connotations such as being too forward, aggressive, rude, brash etc.  In a world where women are considered the weaker sex, being BOLD sounds alien to a number of us. Therefore, we often choose to play safe, rather than take bold steps or branch into uncharted territory. This month, I want to address this mindset and literally “kill” it. 

We are called to be bold and courageous at taking on life. I always say, DO IT AFRAID! In facing your fears, you are being courageous. 

Being Bold (of a person, action, or idea) is showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous as defined by Oxford Dictionary. Some other words that are often used interchangeably are unafraid, daring, confident, undaunted etc. 

In other words, a BOLD person is brave, unafraid, daring, confident and adventurous. So you see, being bold is not gender sensitive. It is for anyone who believes enough to take a risk, someone who will rather fail forward than remain stagnant.

How to be BOLD? Let’s look at what we need to become! We have to become:


Bravery is not about the size of the fight in you, but about the state of the heart. Your heart really must be brave, before you can face the unknown, an enemy or a new feat. Does this mean that you have no fear? Not at all! Being brave is defined as the ability to endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear”. The last part says “without showing fear”. So bravery is really not a lack of fear, but it is a heart that says it is possible despite my fears (my definition). 

To become bold, you must be brave, face your fears and defeat them. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and face the unknown. You must have an inquisitive mind and be curious – certainly almost childlike in your approach to new things. Being brave means standing up for what you believe in, even when you might be the  only one standing; it means doing what you know is right despite being alone, it means facing up to bullies and abuse. DO IT AFRAID! Face your fears today. Be a VICTOR not a VICTIM.

You must think OUT OF THE BOX

How many times do we do things simply because we have been told it has always been done this way? I am sure a lot of times, I too am guilty of this kind of behavior. Sometimes, even when we know of a better and more efficient way of doing that thing, we are afraid of saying so or following a new pattern  because we want to stay safe or fit in with the norm and societal expectations. However, being bold requires that you think out of the box; this is what I call thinking out of the ordinary to do the extra-ordinary. The fear of rejection is the typical culprit we face  when we need to change the status quo- would I be accepted, would they be willing to try this method? You know what? Be Brave- face that fear and do it! We all will be better if you did!


How does this even add up, you may ask? Being sympathetic, generous or kind hearted is being bold? Yes, it is!  In a world where a kind hearted and compassionate individual, more concerned about other people’s welfare and their wellbeing is fast becoming extinct, becoming bold means you have to take that exceptional step to be accommodating of others. You must show compassion, mercy and kindness; tolerative of people and their behaviours even when it is most unpleasant. Know that because you are bold to do the extraordinary, question the status quo, take risks and do what seemed impossible, you will attract ‘haters’. So, stay focused and be nice.

DARING to become

Adventure is necessary to spice up life. Being daring is being adventurous and being audacious. Facing  your fears and taking calculated risks, allows you to grow as a bold and courageous individual. Dare to be the authentic you. Dare to do something different. Dare to be bold!

So, I do hope we can start to practise and sharpen our interpersonal skills to make the team work and our successes grow.

GO for it!



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