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Happy New Year to everyone! Have you listened to my new year message on our focus as warriors this year? BE INTENTIONAL! However, to be able to be intentional we need to take stock of the year 2020 and decide on what to do, to move forward. This first edition of the year 2021 helps us focus on our wins whilst understanding our losses. Enjoy the read and do send in your comments. GET FEARLESS!

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Life always throws curveballs, the sooner we know this, the easier it becomes to handle life and its events. Encounters either make or break us. It always comes down to choices. 2020 has been a gigantic curve ball to most of us, what choices have we made?

Today, I ask you to make two;
know your losses but also count your blessings.

Know your losses:

It is important to take stock of what losses you have suffered in these times. This is because it allows you to mourn your losses, learn from them and mitigate against whatever risks may occur in future. Is this a negative approach? No, I see it as a positive way of learning. Key condition though is not letting your losses overwhelm you in such a way you cannot move forward.

Knowing your losses opens you to managing life experiences through a positive outlook

In these times, we have lost people, money, houses, relationships etc, name it, someone has lost it. As much as grieving your losses is important, what I am pointing out here is an activity of also taking stock and penciling down lessons learned, moving ahead by planning for the future and understanding that you remain a victor and not a victim.

You may wonder – what do you learn from losing a loved one to COVID 19? In grieving both parents, who are gone (more recently my mum), I have learned many things; to love extravagantly, forgive quickly, listen adeptly and be vulnerable. In taking stock, you realize that life is precious and even more so, with those you love.

Staying indoors for the three months of lockdown, though business suffered a great deal, I have discovered that yes, I am an introvert but not as extreme as I have always believed for all of my four decades and above. I really do not want to be alone and lost in my thoughts all the time.

Believe me when I say that our losses help our process of living and create opportunities for life’s precious moments.

Knowing your losses and taking stock is also a process for healing. Times we have to face our failures or face separation, being honest in our assessment of the situation allows healing to take place. Sometimes we need help in taking stock, finding a friend, seeing a counselor or a psychologist, anyone that can make you see objectively and without bias is key to a successful process.

One key thing to know is that failing is a crucial part of life not the end of it. Learn to fail forwards, take stock, learn, re-learn and keep moving ahead.

Counting your blessings

“Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what God has done”

A verse from the hymn ‘Count Your Blessing’ by Johnson Oatman Jr. speaks of when you do feel overwhelmed, the process of counting your blessings brings a relief and a radical mind shift. Counting your blessings is a shield to a feeling of overwhelming loss. Being grateful for the little things and the big things can become a buffer when you face loss. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness, appreciation and considered a warm feel good emotion. Being grateful is considered a good health option and prescribed by many psychologists.

As we take stock of our losses, we must also, always count our blessings. Life happens but while it does, learn to live it up! One way of staying sane is remembering daily what blessings you have encountered, blessings you are endowed with and most especially blessings you are expecting.

Being grateful helps you keep faith, keeps your eye on the ball and helps you maintain a healthy balance to life.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Do you after your day reflect on the good things you achieved or blessings you encountered?

Do you take precious moments out of your day to say thank you to those who make living comfortable for you?

To thank those you love unconditionally?

Are you thankful to the Creator for the beautiful Universe we know and see?

Do you stop and enjoy the day? Just because?

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