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Welcome to a new dawn, a new season and a new move. With the ongoing pandemic that is ravaging the world, there is a feeling that the world has literally turned on its head. In most conversations both in the public space and in private, there is a new phrase that often comes up and that is that “this is the new normal”. Looking inward, we realise that the main thing driving the “new normal” is fear.

I started the GET FEARLESS.ME™ movement as an encouragement to us ladies to step out of every limitation set on us by society, family or even ourself and soar. It is even more pertinent now as we are trying to figure out what shape life takes as we go through this trying period.



movement has a Logo that speaks to us;

You are a queen! The most important piece on a chessboard, break out of fear and reach for the stars.

No Limits, No Boundaries, No Ceilings

Just you and your dreams coming alive!!

It has an active website that has:

A Personal Leadership Monthly Newsletter now called

Our Inspirational Monthly Videos aired every last Friday

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Despite the challenges that come with the times, lets Get Fearless! Do not allow circumstances or the seeming lack of support from friends, family, or dependents to weigh you down. Face your fears, and in your action and declarations do not let the fear of the unknown stop you in your tracks.

There are increasing cases of job losses, underemployment and unpleasant career choices being made due to the chal-lenges faced by economies as result of the prevailing circumstances caused by the pandemic. However, get fearless in confronting these unpleasant conditions and never let fear get in the way of you achieving your dreams.


In taking practical steps to get fearless, acquire the requi-site knowledge required to face those challenges that have constantly been a source of worry for you, and seek oppor-tunities to grow in courage. The world is there for the taking.

My earnest desire is that you



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