Scars and Battle Station

From The Editor

Welcome to the new look edition of “Fearlessly Authentic”. Over the past three months, we have been trying to pull ourselves up and out of lethargy and into some movement. It has been tough, because times are tough but we need to get fearless in the face of tough circumstances and keep moving forward! We introduced the Get Fearless Movement in late July/Early August and it is a clarion call to us all to MOVE. Ruby Igwe, our guest writer is finishing her threefold series on her musings on getting past these tough times. If you haven’t read ‘A Call to Arms” and “The Enemy Within” then you need to stop here and go on and read them before taking a look at Scars and Battle Stations. DO IT AFRAID! Oge Funlola Modie

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Scars and Battle Station

As we reintroduce ourselves to the rest of the world, I’d like us to finish out the series on an introspective look at our scars, so we can resume our battle stations! Have you liked our military tone? This 2020 has come at me personally with so much that I could have just allowed to stress me, but thankfully I said no! And I want you to say no too.

Let’s think about our scars for a minute. Physically, a scar is defined as a mark remaining (as on the skin) after injured tissue has healed. I’m sure we don’t have a lot of recent ones, a lot of mine are from my escapades in childhood and from the scabs I didn’t let heal right (that one is another post on its own). Emotionally and mentally, a scar is a lasting moral or emotional injury.

All your reactions, outbursts, setbacks, losses, defeats… all your down and out moments. The impact of actions and decisions taken or not taken. Scars have healed, they are not wounds. If we don’t put them into perspective however, we may not be able to resume battle stations, and combat everything in our way from having a successful and impactful rest-of-2020.

So how do we deal with our emotional scars? First, accept that
it happened, and face reality. Second, try not to dwell. The scars
are enough evidence. Be patient with you, but don’t have to
drown in guilt. Third, make amends (if necessary). Don’t beat
yourself up. If the apology is not coming, take note for next time,
apologize to yourself and move on.

Fourth and finally, look ahead! Battle stations! This is an
announcement aboard a naval warship to alert the crew to
prepare for battle. Ladies; call yourself to arms. Conquer your
enemy within. Articulate your entire being into attention! Tell
your mind to tell your body to tell your soul to tell your spirit
that it’s not business as usual.

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