Respect Yourself

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Welcome to the October edition of “Fearlessly Authentic”. Have you been reading our articles? What has been your learning?  The times we are in, demand that we remain fearless in the face of uncertainty. How so? Giving in to fear can colour the way we see the challenge and can create an environment where we start to make bad decisions. In the articles written for this year, our underlying theme is to face up to one’s fears and keep moving.  So; DO IT AFARID! Ruby Igwe has now become our in -house monthly contributor to the magazine. This last quarter, she starts a new series called “All About You”. This series takes us on a journey of self-discovery with a sole goal of getting ready for 2021. GET FEARLESS! Oge Funlola Modie

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Respect Yourself

Hello Ladies! Welcome to the month of October. I am so proud of us!

Well done for hanging in there and adapting to the complex times we find ourselves in. Over the last four reads we have – having rested – called ourselves to arms, addressed the enemy within, taken an introspective look at our scars, so we can resume our battle stations; and assessed our arsenal!

That series was aptly called the Warrior Woman series, and for me it was just what the doctor ordered, a jumpstart after the lethargy that the pandemic brought on me. I am looking forward to this next series, which is highly introspective, and entitled All About You.

Be guided ladies, here at Fearlessly Authentic we have to put in the work ALWAYS! We are constantly on the up and up, trying to become the very best version of ourselves. This new series will be fun! Lots of self-knowledge and self-awareness points to be gained. And we kick off by respecting ourselves.

Aretha Franklin of blessed memory came correct when she sang “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me; R-E-S-P-E-C-T; take care, TCB.” (TCB means Take care of business). Respect is another word for regard, which with the small French I have managed to retain from high school, means to see.

Let’s take care of Business:

“Who exactly do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to be? What are your personal ideals? Whom do you admire? What are their special traits that you would make your own? It is time to stop being vague

“If you wish to be an extraordinary person, if you wish to become wise, then you should explicitly identify the kind of person you aspire to become.” – Epictetus

It is so easy to let societal standards and the expectations of those dear to us define who we are and who we want to be. Not knowing who you are or doing life with a mislabeled identity or a malfunctioning purpose is no way to live. Sort out any internal conflict fearlessly and authentically!

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