There is None like You

From The Editor

Welcome to the November edition of “Fearlessly Authentic”. As 2020 winds down, be thankful that despite all we have been through this year, we are still here; standing, walking, crawling, however we are looking, we are still here. Looking forward to 2021, we need to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. As Ruby continues her series “All About You”; a series that takes us on a journey of self-discovery with a sole goal of getting ready for 2021, this month’s article writes on “There is None like You”. Most of us would probably be battle weary given this year but please take out time to celebrate yourself. GET FEARLESS! Oge Funlola Modie

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There is None like You

It’s November! In a month the year ends, this completely topsy-turvy year. And you, reading this; are here. You made it thus far, CONGRATULATIONS!! And, I am so proud of me and you.

It’s so easy most times for women to not focus on themselves, and for that single action to be seen as being virtuous. In the words of the amazing T’Challa in Black Panther, “we don’t do that here”. Especially as there is none like you! Yes, that is the title for this month. It might feel uncomfortable, but maybe you should look in the mirror. Really stand there, and study yourself. Reflect about who you are, unapologetically.

Every dimple, mark and blemish. And not just the physical. I want you to always remember that on this Earth, in this whole world, in the galaxy, universe; there is just one you. In this timeline, living this life, walking this walk, talking this talk. You are the embodiment of living history. No one else has your biological framework. No one has existed in exactly this time.

No one is like you

What that tells me almost immediately is: no one has walked my path. I love reading people’s biographies. And now I’m wondering, what will mine say? I know what it has said so far, but I have so much ahead. So much, unwritten. Please do not compare yourself to anyone else. It’s unfair to you both. What is encoded inside you does not exist anywhere else.

It cannot be expressed or lived by anyone else. When you die (sorry to be morbid); all that uniqueness goes with you. So, while we’re alive, ladies, remember to revel in your uniqueness. Don’t run from it. Embrace it fearlessly! You are authentic! No copies! An original! What do you want your biography to say? I want mine to say I lived well. And then some.

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