You Are Your Own Arsenal

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Welcome to the September edition of “Fearlessly Authentic”. How are you doing? Hope you are moving forward despite all that is going on. This is not a time to stay frozen in fear and uncertainty, get fearless in the face of uncertainty and keep taking steps towards your goal no matter how little. Remember that as long as you have breath, there is hope to achieve. I know we sometimes look to others to get us moving, we are looking for that spark to light us up, hear me; You are Enough! You have all it takes to get fearless and become all you aspire to be. Ruby Igwe, this month tidies up her threefold series “A Call to Arms”, “The Enemy Within” and “Scars and Battle Stations” on her musings on getting past these tough times writing on the undeniable fact that “we are our own arsenal”. This is a very affirmative article to me. Days that I start to feel like I am overwhelmed, I am reminded in my spirit that I have all it takes to succeed. YOU CAN AND WILL ACHIEVE! Oge Funlola Modie

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You Are Your Own Arsenal

This month is so special to me. Maybe because for a long time it was the month school started. Or the start of the ember months. Or the end of summer, and the start of autumn, which I love. Or the 9th month, the birth month. I couldn’t help but slide in one more post, when I was thinking of starting a new series. We have been Warrior Women from June till now, emerging from rest like Amazonian butterflies.

I personally have been so inspired in writing this Warrior Women series, and I thought to tidy it up with September’s post; which is entitled ‘You are your own Arsenal’. Something about September reminds me of wholeness. And as we have called ourselves to arms, dealt with the enemy within, worked to sort out our scars and resumed at our battle stations, I realized we didn’t really talk about weaponry.

And who goes to battle without weapons? An arsenal (not the football club) is a collection of weapons and military equipment. It is a place where weapons and military equipment are stored or made. Another definition I love is ‘an array of resources available for a certain purpose.’ This is an affirmatory post to you, and me too. Ladies, you are your own arsenal. Everything you have, and everything you have access to, makes up your arsenal.

Your skills. Your hobbies. Your height. Your ethnic group. Your network. Your friends. Your family. Your mentors.

See, don’t wait for things to be handed to you! The question I always ask myself these days is..

‘Ruby, what are you going to do with your life?’
Ladies, how do you want this time to be spent? What do you have in your hands to do? What goals are you determined to clinch no matter what? What new normal are you ascending to?

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